Within the inner boundaries of this estate, it is immediately obvious that one has entered a hilltop property. Estate Seven's unique genius loci is the many lofty knolls, each on a different elevation offering an unusual top view of the forest canopy, the grounds and the sea. Each little valley and knoll on this property is left in its pristine state, yet in beautiful partnership with its built structures.

As one of the largest, and hilliest of all the estates, all the structures are built on staggered levels, following the varying slopes of the land resulting in different bungalow bedrooms enjoying the most secluded and expansive private spaces. The structures in this estate are built further from each other than in other estates. The separateness appeals to guests who prefer some time alone within their own private garden space instead of congregating with the rest of their group. The estate features:
  • Four bungalow bedrooms
  • Outdoor jacuzzi
  • Living pavilion
  • Dining pavilion
  • Resting pavilion
  • Geometric infinity pool
  • Cascading pond
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