An enormous natural rock garden estimated to be 200-million years old dictate this estate's genius loci. These monoliths are a minute segment of the 3,500-kilometre chain of granitic rock stretching from Yunnan in south China to the Bangka and Belitung islands in Indonesia.

Estate Nine enjoys a magnificent elevation and spectacular views - its living and dining pavilions face the ocean and salty sea breezes, while the balconies of its bungalow bedrooms overlook the rainforest. Perched on a natural high point overlooking the pool and viewing deck, is the hot spa pavilion. Unlike the other private bath pavilions that have exclusive access from bungalow bedrooms, this hot spa is designed to be a communal bath, in the tradition of Japanese onsen. The design and surroundings of this hot spa harness the power of nature to heal mind and body, and also to strengthen ties between family and friends. The estate features:
  • Four bungalow bedrooms
  • Three outdoor bath pavilions
  • Free-form infinity pool
  • Living pavilion
  • Dining pavilion
  • Hot spa pavilion
  • Geometric fish pond
  • Natural rock garden
  • Giant chess board
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