With 270-degree panoramas of the rainforest and the sea, the stunning vistas form the genius loci of Estate Five where the best view of the Straits of Malacca is found and the tops of trees draw level with the horizon where sea meets sky.

Estate Five rests at the eastern tip of the semi-circle of hilltop estates, neatly tucked into the hillside and surrounded by verdant vegetation. The entrance leads to a sandstone pathway that meanders past gardens of flowering shrubs. Round a corner and, like a suddenly sprung surprise, the reason that this estate is considered the prettiest of all bursts upon the senses: it is the only estate with a wide wooden deck strategically placed to offer a sweeping view of sea over the canopy of rainforest trees.

The airy deck is a favourite with guests who enjoy parties and barbecues out in the open. As a natural gathering point, the centrally located deck is the perfect place for whiling away the wee hours of the night under a velvety indigo sky, with the lights of Pangkor Island in the distance. The estate features:
  • Three bungalow bedrooms
  • Outdoor jacuzzi
  • Free-form swimming pool
  • Geometric infinity pool
  • Living pavilion
  • Sitting pavilion
  • Fish pond
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