The dense rainforest canopy forms the genius loci of Estate Eight where the sky appears green instead of blue due to the exceptionally luxuriant leafy canopy. This rainforest canopy utilises the tropical sun so effectively that the entire acreage seems to be under a colossal dome of living breathing leaves, held up by ever growing pillars of ancient trees.

At first sight, it is almost easy to imagine that the fun-loving satyrs and majestic centaurs of folklore live among the dense rainforest trees. Here is a paradise of nature's own doing; where hornbills frequently ply the air and colourful carp playfully chase each other in the pond.

Two layouts were designed for the bungalow bedrooms – in the tower design, guests can sit within the embrace of double volume bay windows to enjoy the sunlight, while another layout sports a tree shaded verandah, perfect for a morning cup of tea. Perched on the edge of a hillside, each bungalow bedroom has a private balcony and deck facing the sea. The dining pavilion offers the most beautiful sunset views, while the living and sitting pavilions overlook a free-form infinity pool whose contours are inspired by the shape of a lotus flower. The estate features:
  • Three bungalow bedrooms
  • Outdoor jacuzzi
  • Lotus-shaped free-form infinity pool
  • Living pavilion
  • Dining pavilion
  • Resting pavilion
  • Fish pond
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